Welcome to the author page of Andréa Ledding, where I keep news, links, updates, book photos, awards, readings, and other things my mom might want to know about.

To see them, click on the above link that says “NEWS”…

…and to find out more about me, and my over-use of the ellipsis, click this link.

There are also Links I Love

you can follow Andréa on Twitter (@AndréaLedding) although she is waiting until she has an undisclosed number of followers before she tweets regularly. And stops referring to herself in the third person.

You can *also* like my Facebook author page where you will occasionally receive updates. And I will feel so liked. It’s the first step to feeling loved. And the secret to happiness is Liking Yourself. My real reason for making the page –

– and you can totally click on a button at the bottom of this page, and “follow” me. Well, follow this blog actually. It would be a little creepy if you could follow me with the click of a button, and would probably not end well for either of us. I am genetically a shin-kicker, a trait I have passed on to my female offspring, which means not only do I dish it out but I sometimes take it.

So here’s the deal. If you enter your email, you will get notifications when I post something new. I will try to post updates judiciously and not over-frequently.

Don’t feel like you have to follow me. We’ve both gone all this time without this whole following thing, and so far we’re still on speaking terms so far as I know.

(P.S. Thanks,



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